Overview of OSI model & HTTP protocol

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What is OSI Model?

What are the 7 layers of OSI Model?

Layers of OSI — picture by-geeksforgeeks

Physical Layer (Layer 1)

Physical Layer — Image by-Javapoint

Data Link Layer (DLL) (Layer 2)

Data Link Layer — Image by-Javapoint

Network Layer (Layer 3)

Network Layer — Image by-javapoint

Transport Layer (Layer 4)

Transport Layer — Image by-javapoint

Session Layer (Layer 5)

Session Layer — Image by-javapoint

Presentation Layer (Layer 6)

Presentation Layer — Image by-javapoint

Application Layer

Application Layer — Image by-Javapoint

HTTP Protocol

what is HTTP protocol?

How does HTTP work?

How HTTP works — Image by-dev.to

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